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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Power of Good Marketing

No one in my family eats sweet noodle kugel.

Never mind that sweet noodle kugel is a staple in most Ashkenazi homes.  It just does not appeal to the members of my family.

Last week, someone brought over noodles with cottage cheese.  I thought she had made a modified mac and cheese dish, until she mentioned that she "only put a little bit of sugar in it."

If my kids identified the dish as "noodle kugel," I knew no one would eat it.  So, I labeled it "maccaroni and cheese." 

Everyone in our home eats mac and cheese.

Despite the lable, I did not know if my kids would eat the dish.

They did.

When my son took a second portion, he commented "I'm glad it's not sweet; I don't like sweet pasta."

My marketing plan worked.
The next week, someone else made us maccaroni and cheese.

I took a few bites -- this was the real thing!

The mac and cheese tasted amazing, but I could not eat more than a very small portion.

I considered saving a piece for myself to eat later, then decided I did not need to put any aside.  The mac and cheese filled such a big tray....

Big mistake.

That mac and cheese disappeared so fast!

The next day, when I went to to take some, it was already gone!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


rickismom said...

Oh, How TRUE! LOL!

Batya said...

Very true.

When my youngest was a baby he was very ill, and neighbors prepeared food for the family. Sometimes it was good, but sometimes....

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Do what my dh does - label the mac n' cheese "poison!" Ours vanishes instantly as well if the kids know what it is. :-)

When ds1 was in the hospital as a baby, a particularly good friend dropped off cabbage rolls, which I hated! My then-dh polished them off so I wouldn't have to even look at them.

But then this friend called. "How were the cabbage rolls?" "Great!" I said. "Okay, then how about I bring some with me when I come visit you for lunch?"

The next day, she sat across from me in the hospital cafeteria watching me eat every last bite. And since then, I have loved cabbage rolls. Really! I even make them myself fairly often now.

Meals from friends are about so much more than just food. Glad you're getting good ones on a regular basis. :-)

Bernie said...

Mac and Cheese is a favorite in most homes especially with the kids.
I am so happy you have friends who are so kind and caring, it really is a help I'm sure......:-)Hugs

mikimi said...

i can't bring u meals but if we ever met up, i'd be sure to try to get us some b&j ice cream.

karen said...

your post made me crave sweet cheese kugel. and my kids don't like it either. so i made it today and called it 'noodles baked with cottage cheese, butter and sugar.' it worked. you've inspired me to see what i can sneak past them next.

Val said...

LOVE sweet cheese kugel and so does my daughter.. Only have it once a year, but it's SO worth it! Yum! Great marketing, btw!