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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crazy Days

So, I got the Herceptin today.

Even though my port was still open from yesterday, it was still a long day. I waited almost an hour for the Herceptin to arrive in the department, and then it took almost four hours to receive the dose. When I tried a faster drip, I had chest pains, so I had to slow it down. (I wanted to see if I could take the drip faster, so I would not have to come in twice on Hanukkah -- which is the next time I am due for both Taxol and Herceptin)

Anyway, I was definitely more relaxed than I was yesterday!

Later in the day (after I got home), I heard that if you purchase the Herceptin directly from Roche Pharmaceuticals, they provide the fourth dose free. I hope to confirm this tomorrow.

Why is it so difficult to find out this information in advance???

I was so tired when I got home, but I could not rest. I had to feed my kids, then take my son to an appointment. Then, when we got back home, I had to feed my kids dinner and get them ready for bed.

Moshe was still at work, because he is putting together a file of my medical records in digital form.

My son went to bed early. When he realized how early it was, he wanted to get up. I suggested that maybe, if he was already reading in bed, he was tired and needed to rest. He said he wanted to make use of his time. I said, "that's a great idea, you can clean your room." He answered "I want to go on the computer." (surprise, surprise). I reminded him that he was not allowed on the computer at this time, and suggested, again, that he could use this time to clean his room. You never saw a kid pick up a book so fast!

I tucked in my son and... left for a Va'ad Horim (PTA) meeting at my daughter's high school. I felt a little more ba'inyanim (on top of things) at this meeting. (I know it's hard to imagine, but I was a little overwhelmed by the powerful presense of the other parents at the first meeting)

By the way, my late night talk with my daughter last night was mostly about how she LOVES her high school. She's been there for only a few months and already feels like she can do ANYTHING she wants! It is absolutely wonderful for me to see her so happy.

Even though I was tired, I had a really nice chat with one of the moms after the meeting.

I finally arrived at home at close to midnight. Moshe was (is) still working on my medical file. I made sure my kids were all tucked in and kissed them goodnight. They are so beautiful when they are sleeping!!

A few moments spent blogging and... I'm off to sleep!

I really do lead an insane lifestyle!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Anonymous said...

Wow...what a day!

You are amazing!

WIshing you the very best...

Ilana said...

Thank you for taking the time on Tuesday and Wednesday to update us.

Rahel Jaskow said...

Sending you a big, big hug.

I'm so glad that Y. loves her high school. That's a big blessing!

Anonymous said...

sounds like an exhausting day for anyone, let alone someone on chemo. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Lots of hugs,


pniel77 said...

I keep up to date by following your blogs. I lost your e-mail address when my computer "crashed". Wishing you a lot of "koach" to continue raising your family while fighting your illness. Refuah shlema. Pnina Gilboa