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Monday, October 5, 2009

First JBloggers Picnic

We should have taken a group photo, but I did not think of it. This is the closest we got.... from left to right:

Devra, Ruti, Yisrael, RivkA, Mrs. S, Klara, Toby, and Robin.

I must admit that I arrived about an hour late, along with four or five other bloggers (and their families). We did not plan it that way, but it was kind of funny how we all arrived at the same time!

Earlier in the afternoon, at the last moment, I had to take a nap. I had wanted to arrive early, but I just had to take some time out to rest. That set me back a bit. I really hope nobody came early and left.... The meeting place was a little off the beaten track. Next time (Isru Chag, after Pesach) we will definitely meet in Park Gilo! (b'li neder!!)

It was great to just hang out! We were 14-15 bloggers (one young guy came and went pretty quickly; apparently he intends to start a blog, but hasn't yet). Most of us came with our families (or some portion thereof). So, in the end, we were quite a respectable crowd.

We (the pseudo adults) hung out, while the kids played frisbee, jai alai (remember that game?), and even flew a kite (with help from Mr. Shiputzim)!!

Ruti's husband brought this really cool musical instrument (I have no idea what it is called, but it looks like a miniature triangle banjo) -- not only did he play, but he let the kids try it out too! (apparently it's called a strumstick)

We had a really great afternoon! And we did stay a bit longer than planned... 'cause we were having fun!!

OK, so I know y'all are wondering who came. And I do apologize for not getting around to posting a preview list of bloggers.

The bloggers who attended the first JBloggers Picnic in Jerusalem are: (drumroll please!)

David: Balashon - Hebrew Language Detective

Debbie: Debbie's Fiberwork

Devra: Every Day and Its Challenges

Gidon: How to Succeed as an Atzma'i

Gila: My Shrapnel

Jameel: The Muqata

Klara: Trees and Forests

Lurker: The Muqata (guest posts)

Mrs. S: Our Shiputzim (Mrs. S talks about our picnic in this post)

Robin: Safra-Knit

Ruti: Ki Yachol Nuchal!

Toby: A Time of the Signs

Yisrael: My Right Word (Yisrael posted pictures of the picnic here)

and me, of course!

Hope you will join us next time!!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Sarah said...

Sounds and looks great! Wish we were there. I still don't have enough energy for that trip yet, and 2 of my kids were burning up with fever. We spent a good part of the morning at the pediatrician. Please Gd, Pesach!
Moadim l'simcha!

Rivster said...

This looks so great!!! Thanks for sharing with us. ALMOST as good as being there...almost.

Debbie said...

It was good to see you, Rivka, and everyone else. Thanks for organizing it. Now that we've done it, the next one will be even better! Thanks for the links.

tafka pp said...

Glad you had fun. I am sorry I couldn't come in the end- you and Jameel may be amused to note that I was deep in the Shomron!

A Living Nadneyda said...

We ended up partying at the Moshav -- my first time there, as it turns out. But I was thinking of you...

Mrs. S. said...

Thanks again for initiating, organizing, and arranging such a lovely event! Moadim l'simchah!

Ilana said...

I was at the Moshav too!

Park Gilo has easy, free parking, which is nice. But Gan Sacher has bathrooms! A definite advantage.

toby said...

We had a great time - thanks for organizing it! And thanks for posting this recap - now I can check out the blogs of all the people I met :)

RivkA with a capital A said...

Sarah -- it was! would've been even better if you could have been there! next time!! (b'ezrat hashem!)

Rivster -- thanks. hope you can be there for the next one!

Debbie -- hope so! thanks for coming!!

Tafka -- I read your comment to Moshe and his first reaction was "Where in the Shomrom? In some Arab village?" But then he realized that you were probably with some of your new family. Funny how some of these things turn out....

ALN & Square Peg -- hope you had fun at the Moshav!!

Mrs. S & Toby -- thanks for coming!!

sparrow said...

I saw photos on Ruti's page. Oh how lovely to "meet" you and your husband in the photos. You have a lovely face, one that invites conversation.

Well done for organising what obviously was a social HIT. Sending prayers your way.