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Monday, October 12, 2009

This Little Piggie.....

The doctor on call thinks it might be "swine flu."

I do not know if she has "regular" flu or "swine" flu, but my little girl is sick! She's had a high fever for several days (down in the morning, back up at night), and her cough has evolved from the "post-nassal-drip" variety, to an all out hacking cough. (cough syrup helps a lot!)

Now my dearly beloved is sick too! (not so surprising, considering our little girl cuddled up with him for two days!)

The doctor thinks my daughter is past the worst, and getting better.

Still, he wants me to wear a mask around my daughter and my husband.

That just seems insane to me! Moshe wants me to do it.

Am I supposed to sleep with a mask???

No way.

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Anonymous said...

Refua shelaima to all! I can't imagine the mask will help much; you've already been exposed.

mother in israel said...

Still, on the off chance you haven't been--it's only for a few days. You've gone through much worse!

Dianne Duffy said...


So sorry that your family is ill. Please remember that if you get ill it could be much worse. Wear the mask! When my hubby got sick and I was in chemo, I moved out, to my Mother-in-law's. They want you to be around for a while, please protect yourself.

Dianne Duffy

Anonymous said...

Most definitely yes!!! You need to protect yourself!!

rutimizrachi said...

Refua shelaima l'kulam! (And, yes, do whatever you have to do -- for THEIR sakes -- to protect your health. This statement brought to you by a large dose of self-interest.)

Rahel Jaskow said...

What they said. Please be careful and protect yourself!

And I hope that the flu bug zooms away from all you guys quickly.

(Would Sambucol help in this case?)

Anonymous said...

Who was that masked (wo)man? Actually could be fun - Purim Sheini - don't wear one of those boring white masks - make it seductive :>)


rickismom said...

Please wear the mask! My son-in-laws brother, age 26 DIED from this. He was healthy except for being on a strong diet, which lowered his resistance!

Sarah said...

You are the one who went around bald with blue nails, right? This is "katan alayich"! Listen, you are in a high risk category, they are not. Them getting it and recovering is different than how your body would react. It could be **bad**. Please wear a mask, wash hands all the time, use a different phone receiver (or wipe the one down with anti-bacterial wipes every time before you use it), and keep that alcohol gel stuff around the house, or in your pocket. I would, if I were you. You got nothing to loose, even though it'll be aggravating for a while. It's a short period of time- a week? You can do it. OK?

michele said...

Wear the mask during the day and at night and naptimes, sleep in a separate bedrodom. That way you can sleep without the mask!

Baila said...

Wear the darn mask, RivkA. Please?