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Thursday, October 22, 2009

CT -- Medical Update

On Sunday, I did a CT of my head, neck, chest, adbodment, and pelvis.

There is no written report yet, but it seems as if everything is ok -- meaning there is nothing new.

The CT is done without contrast, however, which means we do not see everything so clearly.

The radiologist did see a "hint of something" on my liver. My oncologist does not think it is something to worry about, but he is sending me for tests, just to be sure. I have to do an ultrasound this week.

Meanwhile, there are also tumors on my lungs. Apparently they have been there all along.

They are tiny, about the size of an "o" but they are there, and there are almost ten of them. I thought the tumors on my lungs were gone.

Apparently, the Navelbine (first chemo I took) shrunk them, but did not eliminate them.

My oncologist says that tumors shrinking to that size, and staying that size, is practically the same as if they are gone. It does not feel the same to me.

"Good as gone" is not "gone."

I want the tumors to be gone.

I hate cancer.

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Adina said...

oh, me too, me too!!

adena said...

me, too

Anonymous said...

I know, my dear RivkA, that you are a type A personality and a perfectionist, but if the tumors stay that small forever does it really matter? Just something to think about.



Anonymous said...

PS. I hope and pray that the ultrasound shows nothing you don't already know about. - Na'amah

Anonymous said...

Gone would be good, but the favorable report from the CT scan is encouraging.

Val said...

there and not threatening is good.

keep us posted.
I hate cancer too

Jeffrey R. Woolf said...


Shabbat Shalom

michele said...

Thinking of you. Shabbat shalom. Michele