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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Celebration Honoring the Life of RivkA

The Jerusalem Twitter and Blogging Community Would Like to Invite You To

A Celebration Honoring The Life Of

RivkA Matitya

For the Benefit of Meneket RivkA
A New Breast Pump Lending Center (Gemach) and Consultation Service

Thursday, March 24
20:00 at the Inbal Hotel

Twestival 2011

A Fun Night of Comedy, Music, Games, Films, Socializing and More


  • The Music of Kolot Jerusalem Women's A Cappella
  • Comedy by Lisa Gold and Benji Lovitt
  • Improv by Hahafuch


Lisa Gold

Benji Lovtt


Minimum Donation: NIS 50 Adult;

NIS 30 Child; NIS 200 Family

100% of the funds collected will be donated to Meneket RivkA

About Meneket RivkA

Meneket RivkA is a memorial tzedakah (charity) project in honor of RivkA Matitya a Jerusalem blogger (Coffee and Chemo), activist and educator who died of breast cancer this year. To honor her life and as a tribute to all that RivkA gave to us, the Twestival organizers have decided to support Meneket RivkA at this year's Twestival donating 100% of the funds raised to help establish this worthy cause.

Meneket RivkA was conceived of by RivkA's friends, students and teachers to serve a cause that she truly believed in, carried out in association with the Jerusalem Breastfeeding Center and the Eden Center, and with the blessing of RivkA's family.

Among RivkA’s many passions was breastfeeding education and support. As a La Leche League leader she inspired many women, both to breastfeed their children as well as to become breastfeeding educators and lactation consultants themselves. RivkA believed very strongly that breastfeeding, and breastfeeding education, should be accessible to everyone. She did not receive payment for her services, and offered breastfeeding help to anyone and everyone, even in the final weeks leading up to her passing.

As a tribute to RivkA's passions, and belief in the importance of women's body awareness and health, an unique new service: "Meneket RivkA", a "Gemach" (Lending Center) for top-of-the-range Breastmilk Pumps for new mothers in need of such equipment but unable to afford it was founded in her memory.

For more information visit their website

About Twestival

Twestival® (or Twitter Festival) uses social media for social good by connecting communities offline on a single day to highlight a great cause and have a fun event. Twestival is the largest global grassroots social media fundraising initiative to date. Since 2009, volunteers have raised close to $1.2 million for 137 nonprofits. All local events are organized 100% by volunteers and 100% of all ticket sales and donations go direct to projects.

Twestival was born out of the idea that if cities were able to collaborate on an international scale, but work from a local level, it could have a spectacular impact. Over 200 international cities from Buenos Aires to Bangalore, Seattle to Seoul and Hong Kong to Honolulu have participated in Twestival.

For more information visit Twestival.com and Jerusalem.Twestival.com

Our Local Sponsors

Please daven (or send happy thoughts) for the memory of RivkA bat Yishaya HaLevi.

With love and optimism, RivkA's family