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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Funky Flu

Being sick with the flu is the pits!

The first week, I basically slept 20 hours a day.

The second week, I was awake more, but still spent all day in bed.

The third week, I still felt lousy. However, since I felt significantly better than the previous two weeks, I spent Sunday and Monday trying to "catch up. "

Big Mistake.

I CRASHED on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I spent all day in bed again.

I am going to wait until next week before I try anymore "catching up."

I have done practically nothing for three weeks.

No wonder I am in a funk!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


michele said...

Getting better, healing, isn't "nothing," though since you're usually like the Energizer Bunny, I can understand why it would feel that way. Are there some stray family photos you can organize into an album while you're in bed? Orphan socks to reunite? A pile of papers you can sift through? That's productive yet restful. Shabbat shalom! Michele

Anonymous said...

Hi Rivka

I want to tell you that your blogs during the "sick" period were better than ever. Im glad you did not leave us high and dry
Have a good shabbos

Aliza Zutra

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

This stuff is so difficult to shake, I imagine even harder when your body is fighting cancer. I hope you feel 100% better soon. Keep resting up! Maybe you can find some online games or puzzles to keep you "busy" :)

Unknown said...

"I'm glad I'm sick.....I would hate to feel this bad when I'm healthy!!"

--Big Bird

Feel better big sis!!


rickismom said...

motzai shabbas:
Hope you are feeling better already!

There is a big difference between Ricky carrying a balloon and someone else. My reply is here:

DanielAbelman said...

HI -- this is joani [remember i was at your birth some years ago]. very sorry to hear of your illness. i wish you a refuah-shleima and i'll ask all my yoldot to make a special t'fila for you. hoping to hear good things.

Anonymous said...

Maybe chasing that bird did you in! Sounds like pretty intense activity to me! Hope you feel better very soon!


RivkA with a capital A said...

Michele - LOL!!! Me, like the Engergizer Bunny??? You must be kidding.

Do you really match up socks while sick in bed? That sounds like torture to me!

I have the BIGGEST collection of mismatched socks in the world!! Every once in a while a friend comes over and we sit and sort socks while we shmooze...

Aliza --Thanks!! I was worried about posting too many heavy blog posts at once.

Cheryl -- my brain was too fried for puzzles... I have to be careful about on-line games; they can be addictive.

Hey little bro'! -- I LOVE the Big Bird quote!!!

Ricki's mom -- I'm getting there. I'm still pondering the balloon issue, but I think I understand where you are coming from.

Joani -- I am impressed that you remember me from then! That was my first birth -- 15+ years ago!!

I appreciate the extra prayers from your yoldot! What a z'chut!

SS -- Nah. I just looked really funny flapping my arms, then waving a broom over my head. I was glad no one was there to see it -- my kids would totally have made fun of me!