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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sha'are Zedek Marathon (10 Days and counting...)


Saturday, June 28: The Ear Pain begins

Saturday night: Began using Ear Drops (Desoren)

Sunday, June 29: Went to GP, began antibiotics (Augmentin/Amoxicillin)

Sunday, June 29 - Monday, June 30: Pain so bad, I stay in bed

The Sha'are Zedek Marathon Begins:

Tuesdays, July 1, 6:00 am -- 8:30 pm: Sha'are Zedek:
1. Emergency Room/ENT clinic (excruciating Ear PAIN!!)
2. Oncology Day Ward: meet doctor, open port, take blood tests
3. ENT clinic: consult with senior physician (new ear drops)
4. Oncology Day Ward: Chemo
5. CT: head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis

Wednesday, July 2: Bone Scan at SZ

Thursday, July 3: ENT clinic (follow up) at SZ: Come back Sunday

Friday, July 4 - Saturday, July 5: break for Shabbat (still in pain!)

Sunday, July 6: ENT clinic (follow up) at SZ: Come back Monday

Monday, July 7: ENT clinic (follow up) at SZ:
1. Hearing Test: hearing damage (some might be permanent)
2 Poke hole in ear drum (ouch! -- pain is less now)
3. Snake miniature camera up nose (yuch!)
4. Come back in two days (?אלא מה)

Tuesday, July 8: Oncology Day Ward at SZ: Chemo PLUS
X-Ray at SZ: head to toe (almost), part of bone drug study

Wednesday, July 9: ENT clinic at SZ: technical mix-up: the doctor I needed was not there; Come back tomorrow
(Then, off to Hadassah Har HaTzofim to meet a gyno-oncologist for another opinion about my markers -- I waited over two hours; but the doctor was very nice. He does not seem concerned. Still, I have to repeat some tests and come back in 6 weeks.)

Thursday, July 10: ENT clinic at SZ



Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


TikunOlam said...

I hope with all that, the ear pain will at least decrease now! Still sending happy, healing thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Love, ABH

The Five + of Us said...

sending you כח....

(tiring just to read it all!)

love from the one formerly known as A in A

(there's a new blog in town...)

Anonymous said...

It seems that going back to your usual schedule will be like after kicking the goat of the house in the Chelm story... I hope things go into a nice quiet "summer in Jerusalem" mode.

Anonymous said...

couldnt even follow that even though ive been following.
hope you are better now.