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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mid Afternoon Update

Thursday, Mid Afternoon Update, 3:30 PM

RivkA's pain-management doctor reported to Moshe that he believes RivkA's pain is less than before due to the procedure this morning.

RivkA is mostly quiet now or sleeping.

Moshe told RivkA that her blog is now being updated as she requested, so that her many friends can be kept in the loop.

I'm reminded of RivkA's post from 2007, "No Droopy Eyes Please"
Okay, so here is the deal: I don't want people to look at me with sad, "droopy" eyes.

I don't want people to think of me and feel sad.

I don't want people to see me and feel sorry.

I don't want to be the cause of worry and concern.

I know that when you first hear the news, it's a bit of a shock. So it's okay to be sad in the beginning (I was too). But don't stay there!

You can ask me anything.

I'm totally open.

I don't mind talking about the cancer or what's going on.

Chemo certainly affects the day-to-day of my life, so there's no ignoring it.

But I really don't intend to hang out in some dark, depressing emotional pit.

So here's what I want:

When you think of me, be happy.

When you see me, smile.
(Read the rest of it here: "No Droopy Eyes Please")


Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism, RivkA


orieyenta said...

Interesting since I happened to re-read the "No Droopy Eyes" post yesterday. While it's hard not to feel sad and worry in this situation, I am sure everyone would agree that when it comes to RivkA it is also hard not to smile and think of the happiness and joy she has brought to our lives.

Less pain is good...let's focus on the good. Sending love, prayers, and happy and healing thoughts to our dear friend.

(It's been said here already but merits repeating...thanks Jameel for the updates. We know it can't be easy. It really means a lot to us who are so far way.)

Bee said...

I've just re-read 'No Droopy Eyes Please' and it has made me smile thinking of the wonderful strong person who wrote in and who has stayed so strong through all of this. It's impossible not to feel sad when thinking of what RivkA has gone through and is still going through but it is also impossible not to have a smile and to feel proud to know her whether in person or through her blog.

I am relieved to know her pain is now more under control, baruch hashem.


Unknown said...

I'm sad and shocked. just returned from a two week trip to find that RivkA's in a VERY different place to where she was when I left. My thoughts are with all of you and my tefillot are with RivkA. I wish there was more that I could do.
Just watched her u-tube talk and got a LOT of chizuk from it. RivkA, you are a strong and determined woman and your children and parents ought to be very proud of you! With best wishes, mandy.

Anonymous said...

RivkA, we went on the Race for the Cure in Jerusalem today, and wore your name on our tags, in your honor. I'm sure you would have been there too if you could have! Praying that more is discovered about how to treat cancer to minimize for others the difficulties that you have so bravely faced. You're a real hero.
With love from Jen

Anonymous said...

Oh RivkA, I do smile when I think of you...what's more is I am working hard to take what I saw in you - enthusiasm, "ma'or panim" love for your friends and family and abiding "emuna and bitachon" - and make those qualities more felt in my life. I hope my small efforts will be a great zechut for you now and always.

Bernie said...

Thank you Jameel for the update. I am glad RivkA's pain is under control, am praying for her and all of her family....:-) Hugs

Batya said...

Jameel, thanks for the update and the uplifting RivkA post. Love to the family. I sent a letter via Pesky.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update and sharing RivkA's powerful words.

Batya said...

Here's My Letter to RivkA.

Joe K. said...

Thank you RivkA for that wonderful post in 2007. I did not start reading your blog until after that so I am grateful to Jameel, too, for pointing it out. How can I help but smile?! I hope that we (the blog readers, your friends, your family) can make you feel some smiles too.


Joey and Jen

(PS I guess we missed going to the Simpson's movie with you guys, huh? Drat. -- Yes, I know, we should have moved to Israel and we would have known about it!!)

Anonymous said...

Dear RivkA,

As you know, I recently moved. I wanted to get to know the women on the road, so you have given me impetus. I am copying in my invitation:
"Tea - Tehillim – Tzedaka – Talking
(A good excuse to get to know other women on this road)
Please join me this Friday morning at 9.30am for twenty minutes for a cup of tea, a few perakim of Tehillim, some Tzedaka, and some conversation. Small children welcome. A good friend of mine (RivkA bat Teirtzel) is very ill and I would like to host this event in her zechut.
I look forward to seeing you.
Also, I have read a few journal articles about relaxation and deep breathing helping with cancer pain. Your posts mention that you use deep breathing a lot; if you wish could try it in these tough times.
Wishing you lots of hugs and warm, healing thought. I try to have extra kavanah for you when I say "borei refuot" in morning davening.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Posts about RivkA: