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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Morning Update

8:15 AM -- Friday Morning, Erev Shabbat Chayei Sarah.

Good Morning.

RivkA's resting and her pain management seems to be under control.

For the past day, RivkA is less interactive that she was earlier this week and she is resting almost all the time. Though very weak, RivkA is aware of her surroundings and hears much of what's going on around her.

A few comments from her family:

1. Visitors are encouraged for short stays! However, only 1 or 2 friends are being allowed in at a time, so you may need to wait. The family very much appreciates all her friends coming to visit, because it also helps the family if they need to step away for a minute, as they don't want to leave RivkA unattended. RivkA knows there are people around her, and she takes comfort in that.

2. There is a notebook in RivkA's room. Please ask for it so you can write your thoughts or stories about RivkA in it. RivkA and her family would love to read what you have to say. Moshe has been reading blog comments, emails, and stories from the notebook to RivkA. Private emails can be sent to: thematityas@gmail.com

3. The exact quote from RivkA on Sunday evening was: "I am now in a different state" (RivkA's sister asked that it be corrected.) There is another sentence or 2 she said which we'll try to post at some point.

4. Many people participated in yesterday's "Race for the Cure" event for breast cancer awareness in Jerusalem, and there were people that carried signs with RivkA's name on it or had RivkA's name on their shirts. RivkA and family were very touched by this, and if anyone has photos of those signs/shirts from yesterday, please send them. You can also post them to her wall on facebook (and we'll post them here as well if you don't mind --you can send them to me here as well at: muqata@gmail.com)

Wishing RivkA, her family and friends, a restful and peaceful Shabbat weekend.


PS: Here is an article in today's Jerusalem Post (link updated)

Update: Here's a photo of RivkA's friends at the "Race for the Cure" this past Thursday in Jerusalem.

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.With love and optimism,RivkA


Batya said...

Jameel, RivkA's on my mind... I'm glad you guys all made it to Shiloh that time.
Thanks for the updates.

Bernie said...

Again Jameel I thank you for the update.....I am pleased to hear that RivkA's pain is being managed and that she is still able to receive vistors. She has such a strong heart. Keeping RivkA and all of her family in my prayers.
Big hugs from Canadaa....:-(

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jameel for the regular updates.
Thinking of RivkA and her family.

michele said...

Thank you Jameel. RivkA, I wish you, your wonderful family and dear friends a restful, peaceful Shabbat.

Ariela said...

Jameel - thank you.
RivkA - one of your swim students - Hodaya - just posted a picture on facebook titles "RivkA - you taught me how to swim". She potrays you as a strong beautiful woman standing in the waves, holding a hand out to a little girl (her?).
That is really how I think of you - a strong beautiful woman holding out her hand to help others.
Shabbat shalom,

Ariela said...

It's worth noting that in Hodaya's picture, your bathing cap is purple. I thought that would make you smile.

Charlie Kalech said...

I spent an hour with RivkA this morning. She is mostly sleeping, in and out. Her sister played Oklahoma (one her favorites). I read some letters from friends who are abroad who had copied me. I also had some quality time with her dad who so much appreciates hearing about the impact that RivkA has had on so many people's lives. If you haven't written yet, please do - please tell RivkA what impact she has had on your life and send it to fox.louise@gmail.com

Best wishes for a Shabbat Shalom

Anonymous said...

There is an error in the Link to the Article in the Jerusalem Post. The correct link is: http://blogs.jpost.com/content/rivka-matityas-inspiration

Admin said...

Thank you Jameel. RivkA, I wish you, your wonderful family and dear friends a restful, peaceful Shabbat.
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The Veronicas are my Religion said...

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