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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Public Survey

I am considering switching my cellphone service provider.

What service provider do you use?

Are you happy with the service?

Are you happy with the reception?

What kind of phone do you recommend?

Do you use internet with your phone?

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


mikimi said...

I use cellcom and use the Internet and am quite pleased.
Get a phone that is easy to use and with a camera is a good idea.
It should be with Health Healing and Happiness.

jumblerant said...

orange. Very happy with the service. reception is normally very good.

I have the N95 which I use for the internet and as a camera and have got some amazing potos with it.

I generally use the phone for internet via local wifi connections - not only in Tal Bagels but also get amazing reception at Shaare Tsedek by the A& E and basically anywhere I can get into an unsecured wifi connection.

Hope you have decades of good use from your new phone.

Karen said...

I use Cellcom and Internet with my iPhone (brought from the US) and it's great. I suggest waiting till after the chagim when both Orange and possibly Pelephone are supposed to have the iPhone. It's only $300 in the US and supposedly won't be much more here because Apple tightly controls the pricing. If they offer 36 payments as they usually do it will be the same price or less than many of the 3.5G phones out there. I considered Internet a toy/luxury until yesterday when I was unable to drive home from the airport and I had to send an email to my insurance agent to authorize another driver on my policy. It's the little things like that which make it worth having. With the iPhone you MUST have the unlimited plan because it uses so much data, and I pay 129 shekels a month. It's pricey. But if you want to be able to listen to music or watch movies and TV while you wait in line or have chemo, for example, it's a great device.

arnie draiman said...

we just switched from pele to orange. happy to discuss by phone....(not cell phone...!)

Marion said...

I've had both Cellcom & Orange...we stuck with Orange and let the Cellcom expire. And when they made the numbers transferable, we transferred that account to Orange too. No surfing from the phone, I'm too cheap.

A Soldier's Mother said...

We have Cellcom - and have been fighting horrible service for years. We tell them to cancel something - and months later discover they didn't. We upgraded a phone because we got bad advice and didn't have a chance to see the phone before we ordered it. They upgraded it on my phone...then called and said they made a mistake and needed another number. I didn't agree - it was their option to upgrade, not my problem, and so, without permission, they upgraded another phone in our package. They asked us if we wanted a three month router package to try. We took it, decided we didn't want it and returned the router - they kept charging us.

We have now totaled all their mistakes. They owe us 8,000 NIS. They said they will return the 8,000 NIS to us...if we sign a contract for another 3 years. I call that blackmail.

We are trying to resolve this - and we are looking at Orange, which has made us an excellent deal and seem to be more responsive. I would NOT recommend Cellcom.

Reception - depends on the location - all are fine around here.

Internet - some.

HolyCityPrayer said...

orange, whatever free one we get with our NDS employees and family deal (doesn't your DH work there? I apologize for being such an airhead and not doing my homework!)

I would love to have a nokia N95 like a previous commenter wrote, but that is the most expensive pretty much on the market...

good luck. This comment probably doesnt healp a lot, but whatever...
shabbat shalom