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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

White Rabbit x 150

I wrote this yesterday, but couldn't post it due to internet problems.

I take lots of pills.

Expensive, chemotherapy pills.

Pills that have to be approved by my health fund.

My approval expired.

I did not know.

I was out of Tykerb (Lapatinib) pills for several days.

Tykerb is the drug we (read: the doctors) think crosses the blood brain barrier.

I could not even order the drugs until my approval was renewed.

I know they can not sell me the drugs before they are approved.  But, for crying out loud, just order the damn drugs so that I CAN purchase them when they ARE approved.

No can do.

Stupid Bureaucracy.

I waited.

I got the approval.

I called the pharmacist, who ordered the pills.

I waited.

After a few days, the pharmacist called to tell me I could pick up the pills. 

Only one problem: the pharmacy only received 80 pills (approximately half of what I need).  If I wait until the afternoon, they could have the rest of my pills delivered, and I could pick up all the pills at once.

I waited.

In the afternoon, I called to confirm.

I spoke to a different pharmacist.

He told me: "There is a problem; you can only pick up 10 pills, enough for two days."


My prescription is for 150 pills.  This morning I could have picked up at least 80 pills.  Now, he is telling me that I can only pick up 10 pills?!?!?

I lost it.

I raised my voice.

I asked for his name.

I did not accept the situation.

The pharmacist asked if he could check something and call me back.

Hell, yeah.  You check it out and then give me my freakin' pills!

He called back.

I could pick up 80 pills.

The additional pills had not arrived; I would still have to go back for the rest.

But not in two days.

The whole situation is absurd!

Stupid Bureaucracy.

When logic and proportion, have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards,
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said: "Feed Your Head"
-- Grace Slick, recorded by Jefferson Airplane (White Rabbit)

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Liba said...

Bureaucracy often falls short of logic.

I am glad you got some of your meds and hope the rest arrive soon with no further glitches.

Sorry about the aggravation!

Anonymous said...

I am boiling red furious that they did this to you! What do they think the pills were for, athlete's foot?


Anonymous said...

Ugh. So sorry you're having to deal with this. Hopefully the rest come soon with little hassle.

aigner clark said...

I'm beginning to believe that its the constant stresses we're dealt as cancer patients that makes the cancer mutate. Stress feeds those cancer seeds. Typical chain of cancer stresses in my life: "You have cancer" "You need a mastecomy" Your cancer is probably gone" "Oh look, your cancer is back.: :How interesting, now it's all over your liver, too." "Okay, come to the hospital every three weeks to inject poison into your cells." :Great, now that your cancer isn't active, let's remove your ovaries and throw them in the trash with your breasts, hair and sex drive." Stress. It's a mess. and the very last thing people in our siuation need to deal with on a 'regular' day.

Emily said...

They used to do that with me with Neupogen. Every few times that my husband would go to pick it up, they would tell me I needed a NEW letter from my Dr stating why I needed the shots. We always told them to look in my file - there was a letter that was good for the whole treatment. Lo and behold - they found...... the right letter!!! If you go to "HaTurim," one of the pharmacists name is Dvora and she is very good. Try talking to her.

Good luck and try and let the frustration slide (at least for now)

michele said...

I feel so angry on your behalf. I hope the additional meds arrive soon.

Ilana said...

HaTurim is the main Jerusalem branch for Meuhedet, so it is only good for Meuhedet members.

mikimi said...

ANNOYING! I got another one for you..
I use cellcom for my cellphone and my bill has gotten bigger - that is numerically but certainly not the paper. I called again (I had called after the last bill). I am not talking more and I have a very special deal as is but... In any case in me berating m,y situation that I live off of Bituach Leumi and get Disability of 86% medical (which I have been getting for years and I had mentioned before to them), the lady asks me if I have documents that I prove that I get Disability. Hell,yeah, from when I applied and got a discount from Bezeq (although I have since found using my HOT number more cost-efficient), the lady told me to fax said document and Teudat Zehut etc. I already received a sms from Cellcom that they received the fax and that I will here from them in 3 working days.
I guess I'll keep you posted on what happens on that.
I guess my point was that they certainly did not seem to think informing me of my benefits/rights was necessarily important . And it might be worth your while to check it out.

Batya said...

Darling, keep fighting when needed. Like any exercise it'll make you stronger.
Refuah Shliemah
Purim Sameach

Rahel Jaskow said...

Oh!! I'm sorry you had to deal with this!

Sending many hugs....

RivkA with a capital A said...

Liba -- I will get the rest... for now. The kupah (health fund) only approved the meds for TWO month this time, instead of SIX!!

I can't believe they are going to make me go through this every TWO months!! That's outrageous!! And SO WRONG!

ABH -- my reaction, exactly!
(... except I used the example that "we are not talking about Acamol/Tylenol!")

Nicole (throwslikeagirl) -- one can only hope....

Aigner Clark -- thanks for visiting my blog! I do not believe that stress causes cancer, but it certainly does not help!

My "stress tolerance" is decidedly less than it was PC (pre-cancer).

Btw, your description is so true!! Thanks for summing it up in such a humorous way!

Come visit again!

Emily -- That's how it is for me, every time I need an MRI or a PET -- we keep having to explain that I am STILL allergic to the iodine contrast, so we need to use alternative imaging techniques.

Like, DUH. Once you develop/establish a sensitivity to iodine injections, it does not go away!

Every time, the request it rejected. My doctor has to explain the whole thing, from the beginning (that I have an allergic reaction, EVEN IF I TAKE antihistamines and steroids in "preparation.")

You know that form they make you sign, warning that an iodine injection can cause death? HELLO!!! That's 'cause of people like me. That's why I do not sign the form or get an injection.

The fact, that my health fund cannot stay on top of something so basic, is not only frustrating, it is downright scary.

Michele -- thanks

SquarePeg613 -- thanx for pointing that out.

Mikimi -- thanks!! please do keep me posted!!

Batya -- This stuff does not make me stronger. It just wears me out!

Rahel -- Hugs make me stronger!


אנט פרידמן said...

Hi Rivka,

This is Annette. We've spoken a bit, my husband is the oncologist.

Anyway, we have some Tykerb from one of his patients. It's a bottle of 150 - never opened - technically it says it expired in August 2008. The bottle is still sealed and my husband assumes it's OK.

If you're interested please email me. If you want to check with the company it's Glaxo Smith Kline. to see what they think........Let me know.

ALL the best,