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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Never A Dull Moment

Here I was, thinking I was so put together. Despite serious back pain, both (dairy and meat) dishwashers were going, and I had already started a load of laundry.

I was just getting out my computer, and looking forward to sitting down for a ten minute break, when....

"THERE IS WATER EVERYWHERE!!!" shouted my kids, from the back of the house

I headed towards them, to help, when I suddenly realized....

"TURN OFF THE WASHING MACHINE!!" I shouted, quickening my pace!

But they had never turned off the machine mid-cycle. They did not know how.

I knew the water must be dripping out of the bottom of the machine; I must not have properly closed the filter plug, when I cleaned the filter out on Friday.

I sloshed through the water, which was spilling out of the bathroom. Wondered how a trickle could cause such a flood, in such short a time, I glanced at the bottom of the machine. Water was shooting out of the filter plug. It wasn't sealed at all!

My daughter jumped out of the way as I reached past her to turn off the machine.

Then I called for someone to get the magav (a long squeegee on a pole, which Israelis use to mop their floors). I did not want to wade through the water again. As I waited, I watched the water spreading through the hallway, and under the cabinets/bookshelves (you know, the cheap ones that are fine if you keep them dry....).

My youngest daughter arrived with the magav. I did my best to mop up the water, before it could spread further. She tried to help more, by sopping up some of the water with smartootim (special rags that Israelis use with the magav, to mop the floor), and ringing them out (back-breaking work, for us older folk).

We managed to direct most of the water down a drain hole in the floor. Then, when the crisis had abated, I assessed the damage. It could have been worse.

Calmly, I removed the filter plug and inserted it properly. Then I added more soap and restarted the machine.

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Anonymous said...

First the toilet and then the washing machine!!!!! I LOVE how you said how you calmly did what was needed and just went on - WOW - you really are on top of it!!!!

wishing you the rest of your year for all things to be resolved so well


rutimizrachi said...

One of these days, this story will be funny. You know, one of those family stories everyone sits around telling, laughing, everybody "remembering" more and more bizarre details... I don't imagine it is funny right now. Klara was right, though. Talk about your calm response under fire! Kol hakavod!

Anonymous said...

We had a pipe in our "boidem" (storage area above a dropped ceiling) which was not in use, so my husband disconnected it, but did not seal the end. One day a neighbor called in a plumber, who disconnected her water, fixed the problem, and then connected her water to the other end of *our* pipe! Fortunately, I was home at the time...

C.V. (Katamon)