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Monday, October 6, 2008

My Parents are Coming! My Parents are Coming!

OK, so no one is out there ringing the bells, but I am still excited..... and a bit apprehensive!

I really want this to be a good visit.

Now would be a really good time for God to help me model Kibud Av Va'Em.

Besides needing to set a good example, I really want to treat them right.

Besides, I miss my parents.... a lot!

So, when they are here, I want to maximize our time together!

I also want to show them how much I appreciate them!

It is not always easy.

My parents, especially my mother, pushes my buttons.

You might think that, at this point, I would stop acting like a 14 year old when I am with my mom.

You would be wrong.

The thing is, my daughter is 14 years old.

And I do not want her acting like I do.

Not now, and not in another 30 years.

For years, Moshe has been telling me that the educational message I deliver by my actions, is far more influential than the educational message I deliver by my words.

Grudginly, I admit to knowing that he is right.

When you pray for me, please pray that God gives me the strength to fulfill the mitzvah of Kibud Av Va'Em.

Because I need help.

And, if I do it right, everyone wins.

My parents,

My kids,

and me.

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


rickismom said...

Well, you say that she still "pushes your buttons"--that's because she is still your mom, and is important to you.
I think if you can center your thought on trying to do civod em, it will help...
Good Luck!

Batya said...

May G-d give your strength, and may you live long enough to enjoy teenage grandchildren!

Anonymous said...

take comfort that you are sending a clear message to your children when you determine to try your best, despite the challenges, to stay close to (and "respectful"of)your parents.
they will (if not now,then as adults when in retrospect they realize you push their buttons too, and know that not an excuse)

yashar koach
love (and happy healing thoughts)

Anonymous said...

dear mom,(hypothetically)
your insights are valuable to me but it is important to work on delivery and timing so that they will be effective. sometimes you see what is wrong, but i am inside of the 'what is wrong' at the same time, and can't give the attention needed to you to hear it.
let's try paper,and pen, or email, and don't forget to sign off:with love, mom.
you are so valuable to me, i can't understand why i haven't moved to j'lem yet.
gmar chatima tova. Bracha

Anonymous said...

Dearest RivkA,

May Hashem assist you in your efforts to improve your kibud av v'em (haba litaher, misayin oto), and may He reward you with "v'haarachta yamim"

G'mar tov!