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Thursday, June 19, 2008

So Much Fun!!

We went to such a fun party tonight!!

Seven years ago, our friends, G&SA, moved to the US to get the right (special) education for their kids need. It was the right move for them, though their hearts are still in Israel.

So, they decided to celebrate their son's Bar Mitzvah and their daughter's Bat Mitzvah (which fall out on the same year) in Israel, with family and friends.

Tonight was the "fun get together for friends!"

It was a Rock N' Roll Karaoke Party and it was FUN!!

They invited all their chevra (group of friends) and their chevra's kids. The party was at SA's sister's home, and it was so warm and happy! And there were a ton of kids!!

They had FUN food! The main dish was pizza!! (Did I ever tell you that I originally wanted to get married on a mountain top and serve pizza and ice cream?) There were also baked potatoes, with toppings (sour cream, butter, etc) -- yummm! There was salad and cut up vegetables, so we could pretend the food was healthy.....but not too healthy..... There were cupcakes, funky chocolate candies, jelly beans, watermellon, summer fruits and, of course, yummy birthday cake!

We knew everyone there! (though I needed some help identifying everyone's kids -- they grow so fast!) Our kids didn't know everyone, but they each knew some of the kids.

There were several different karaoke programs and the kids had a blast! Not just the kids. The "grown-ups" weren't about to let the kids have all the fun!!

There were all sorts of funky and fun prizes, to encourage the kids to participate. Of course, the "grown-ups" didn't want to miss out on those either. So you had a house full of people, old and young, in leis, and funky heart/star/cool sunglasses, with flower clips and noisemakers, singing all sorts of songs loudly (and not always on key).

I always tell my kids that it is a parent's job to embarrass his/her children. Well, we certainly did a good job tonight!!

On our way home, my kids made some comments about how I behaved at the party. I teased them back, challnging "I bet I had more fun at the party than you did!" But my kids put me in my place. My eldest retorted, with good humore: "You acted wierd; but they all know you are wierd anyway." "Yeah," piped in my second child, "you already knew everyone!" They all agreed: I acted wierd, with my wierd friends.

So then we got into a not-at-all-serious conversation about being yourself, and being different.

Then, wanting to emphasize going against the grain, Y started telling the joke about the woman who calls her husband on his mobile to warn him that there is a crazy person driving the wrong way on the highway. "What are you talking about?" the man asks his wife. -- At that point, Y and I finished the joke together: "there isn't just one crazy person; they are ALL driving the wrong way!"

As we finished the joke, I got the giggles. "It's not that funny," said my husband. (what a stick-in-the-mud!). Truth is, the joke is not that funny. It doesn't matter. When something tickles my funny bone, I can't stop laughing. The kids think it's very funny. Especially Y. It took me several minutes to stop laughing. I did not mind.

Laughing makes me feel great!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Lawren Smith said...

It sounds like you had a great time Rivka. I think more people could use more laughter in their lives. Including me. Good for you and your family.

Thank you for letting me share...

muse said...

I'll be away for a few weeks, blogging whenever.

HolyCityPrayer said...

shucks, sorry we missed it.