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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shoe Shopping with Teenage Daughters

Hat Tip: This post was inspired by Mother in Israel's recent post about Shoe Shopping with her teenage daughter.

A year and a half ago, we searched all over the place for Shabbat sandals for my eldest daughter. We found... NOTHING. In my frustration, I must have said something like "maybe we'll look for shoes when we go to America (next month)." For, lo and behold, when we got to America (to visit family, not go shopping), she immediately began repeating "You promised me that we would go shoe shopping in America."

I really hate shopping. I would not promise to go shopping for anything... ever. But my sweet daughter repeated that sentance so often, and with such intensity, that I believed her. So, we went shoe shopping.

We went to the first store, which happens to be my all-time-favorite shoe store: Payless. Y did not find any shoes that she liked. I found 3 pairs, for me!

Then we went next door, to a more expensive shoe store. Y did not find any shoes that she liked. I found 2 pairs, for me, on sale!

We went to several more shoe stores. Y did not find any shoes that she liked.

Finally, we went to Target (not just for shoes). Y still did not find any shoes that she liked. I spotted a pair of nice sandals, for $10, that I thought would look nice on her. They did. Y did not like them (surprise!) and declared that she would not wear them. Tired of looking endlessly for the elusive "perfect pair," I persisted.

Eventually, after all other arguments failed, I asked my daughter: "If you have nothing else, will you wear them?" Grudgingly, Y said that she would.

"I'm getting them for you," I announced.

"I'm not going to wear them," she protested.

For $10, I was willing to risk it.

At the checkout line, we had a rerun of the entire conversation.

As I was about to place the shoes on the counter, Y repeated, loudly, "I am not going to wear them."

Once again, I asked, "If you have nothing else, will you wear them?"

"Yes," she repeated, "but you can't make me wear them."

"Please ring them up," I told the cashier, who was holding the sandals, unsure of what to do.

"The sandals are $5," the cashier informed me.

"Great!" I said, turning to Y, "If you don't wear them, we'll save them for A."

Of course, we never did find a pair that Y liked. And, true to her word, since there was nothing else, Y did wear those sandals.

In fact, she wore them until they were falling apart!

Ask me how I felt, when I realized that we needed to go shopping for a new pair of sandals?!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Anonymous said...

you're coming to the US? tell me, tel l me!

Ilana said...

Will she wear crocs? Our Y has really enjoyed wearing them and they have lasted her well.

We have been having experiences like that shopping for short sleeve shirts for her. We go to stores and I find nice things for me but almost nothing for her.

mother in israel said...

SP--my daughter's school has "assured" crocs. I think it's some kind of a safety issue, but I will ask her.
R--thanks for the link.

Batya said...

Cute story. I never used to shop with my kids. Various reasons.

I prefer Israeli shoes, but I may end up buying some in NY. I hope I find something for the wedding we're going to, but they have to be comfortable like Israeli ones.

Ilana said...

Assuming you didn't already buy the sandals, it could pay to ask if her next year's school forbids crocs. Not too many more days left of school (and I'm not ready, yikes!)

RivkA with a capital A said...

I bought Y pseudo-Crocs last summer. She was really into them for a while. But now she doesn't wear them at all. So, that's not a good shoe-solution for us these day (too bad, since the "fake" ones are really cheap!)

I can't imagine why a school would ban them! That is just bizarre.

RivkA with a capital A said...

ABH -- you are so cute!! I might have spoken too soon.... It does not look like it will work out for me this summer (though I have not given up yet)

mother in israel said...

I asked my daughter and she said they revoked the ban right away.