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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slow Down!!

I have been on "fast forward" since the Tupperware Party and my battery has burned out!!

Most of last week was spent preparing for the party on Wednesday night. It was great! But, boy, were we all tired by the time it was over!!

"No rest for the weary!!" (I don't know where that quote is from, but my mom says it all the time!)

Thursday was a LOOOONG chemo day -- with all three drugs and a full body x-ray*! No rest when I got home either! First, my eldest interviewed me for her "avodat shorashim" (family research project). Then everyone needed something and Moshe had to work late.

Friday morning, I was up and at 'em, bright and early (for me). We were off to Be'er Sheva to celebrate the brit (circumcision) of R&R's son.

Clever me, I arranged to spend Shabbat with other good friends in Be'er Sheva. So we only had to drive one way on Friday. We spent Shabbat with Sarah, who blogs over at Chronicles of an NF Survivor, and her family. (Sarah and I have been friends since we were single, well before either of us had any serious health issues. You know, when we were young and going to live forever!!)

For over a year, we have been trying to get together for Shabbat. For one reason or another, each time we set a date, one of us had to cancel. This time, at the last minute, everything came together!

After the brit, I baked chocolate brownies with Sarah's ADORABLE kids! I never bake, but since this was my only responsibility, I had so much fun!!

Then, I helped cut vegetables for sushi (YUMMMMM) and hung out with Sarah as she rolled and cut a lot of sushi. Kitchen work is not nearly as tedious when you have company!! But it still takes time!!

Friday evening, Sarah and I hung out while our husbands, and her kids, were at shul (synagogue). (My kids had made their own Shabbat plans. My youngest was brutally honest when she declared "we don't want to spend Shabbat with your boring friends!")

After Friday night dinner, both Sarah and I were ready to crash. Before heading off to bed, we went out to walk the dog.... the night air was so pleasant.... when we got back home, we sat for just a few minutes on the porch.... boy, were we surprised to discover that we talked 'till 1:00 in the morning!!

I slept in on Shabbat!!

Lunch was leisurely.

It was late afternoon when R (the ba'alat simcha, i.e. mother of the newborn) knocked on the door.

"You're still in the middle of lunch?" She asked, eyes widened in surprise. She had waited long enough, or so she thought, for us to finish lunch and our Shabbat afternoon nap!

After lunch, Sarah took a nap and I hung out with R 'till the end of Shabbat.

I had such a great Shabbat!! But I didn't get much sleep.... Who wants to waste time sleeping? I had to talk with my friends!!

Saturday night, my wonderful sister picked up all my kids and brought them home. Meanwhile, Moshe and I went from Be'er Sheva to Beit Shemesh, to T&JG, for a Melaveh Malkah. (religious term for a Saturday night get-together/party!)

Don't ask me what I did on Sunday. I don't think I did anything. The day passed in a kind of haze.

Monday morning, I got up and began my day... then changed my mind. At 9:15 I went back to bed and did not emerge from my slumber until 12:15, when the phone rang five different times!!

I taught swimming Monday afternoon. Then I went to bed. (OK, not right away, but plenty early for me!)

Tuesday morning (today), Moshe woke me up.

"I can't move!" I mumbled.

He reminded me that we had a brit and that I asked him to wake me up. I wanted to wake up, I really did, but I could not. I realized that I just had to slow down! My body could not keep up!

"I have to sleep," I muttered, "I'm sorry."

Within seconds I fell fast asleep.

When I woke up, Moshe was still home. There was still time to make it to the brit. We dashed out of the house!

I have to slow down... but not that much!!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,

* Every 25 weeks I have a full body x-ray as part of the bone drug (Zomera/Zometa vs. Denosumab) research.


Anonymous said...

Even without chemo that sounds like an exhausting pace. I can't imagine that there are many 'healthy' people who wouldn't be exhausted with that schedule. May you always run to s'machot!


rutimizrachi said...

Amen to Na'amah's comment. You do amaze me. Keep inspiring. It is one of the things you do best!

RivkA with a capital A said...

Na'amah -- Amen!!

Ruti -- Thanks!!