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Friday, March 20, 2009

Keyboard Kindness!

(this post is a continuation of the previous post)

After two or three weeks of lessons, my two kids informed me that their music teacher/s want them to practice.

I should have seen that coming!! Now I actually have to find them a keyboard and a guitar! (Not to mention the workbook "Organit B'Rosh Kal")

Since I encouraged them to learn an instrument, I could not really complain!

Of course, finding the time and energy to go out and get these things is not simple. Just remembering that I need to get them is an effort! Every few days, the kids would gently remind me that they need to practice.

So, I finally started looking for a keyboard and guitar. I decided to start easy. I posted on various lists that I am looking for a keyboard (nothing fancy, just has to work) and the workbook.

I figured I had a relatively reasonable chance of finding someone with the workbook and pretty much a snowball's chance in hell of finding a keyboard.


Someone contacted us right away about a keyboard we could have!!

My momma always told me, "it never hurts to ask."

It took a few days to sort out the logistics and then....

Thursday night, Moshe walked in with an old Yamaha keyboard!

Excitement and chaos!!

I was exhausted from chemo, and our evening routine was not running smoothly. It was way past bedtime and the kids were still getting ready for bed.

As the kids whirled around us, Moshe stood, frozen in the hallway, gripping the bulky keyboard. I realized we had not thought about where to put it! For lack of a better place, Moshe set it down on the coffee table.

Moshe and I were discussing what to do next, when I heard music playing.

My son could not wait! He just sat right down and started playing!!

What nachat!! (joy)

I really just wanted Moshe to get all the kids to bed, but Moshe realized that our son needed at least a few minutes to sit and play. So, I sat back and enjoyed five minutes of hearing what my son could play.

I could not believe that he was playing music already!

The next day, I took a closer look at the keyboard. One corner was broken off (nothing to do about that) and the keys were a bit grungy. So I wiped down the keys, and the rest of the keyboard. Then I took a step back and smiled at our bright new (for us) keyboard.

Without further ado, I wrote a thank you note to the stranger who, in his kindness, had given such a gift to our family!!

Now, we just need a guitar and we will be all set!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,

1 comment:

Batya said...

That's great. Enjoy the beautiful music from your kids for many, many years!