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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Washing Machine

I need a new washing machine. :-(

My amazing fix-it man, who can put a band-aid on any appliance and make it work another few years, advised me to get a new one. This time, he says, it is not worth it. The machine needs new lugers, a new heating element, and who knows what else. It would cost almost as much to fix my machine as to buy a new one.

That is only partially true.

I could spend the same amount and get a cheap new machine. But a good machine will cost at least twice that much.

More difficult than the outlay of money, is finding the time and energy to do the research for a new machine (which brand, where to buy it, etc.)

Until now, we have been able to avoid these decisions. Our last two machines were "inherited." (one from friends who left the country, and another from friends who were "upgrading")

When you get a machine for free, you just take whatever there is. No thoughts required. That works for me!

So, anyone have a washing machine?

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


mother in israel said...

My technician says the top-of-the-line machines break just as often as the mid-line machines. My Electra has been going strong for seven years, but that apparently is just good luck. There is a huge sale at Westline/Westinghouse in PT--new machines at floor model prices. Call Or at 050-2578674 and say that I sent you (applies to anyone, don't know if they will deliver to J-m but it is worth comparing prices before you buy).

Anonymous said...

I have an LG 7 kg intellowasher and I love it. My mom has the same one and she loves it. Try buying a machine online thru zap.co.il
Good luck,

Batya said...

I bought the cheapest Crystal when my baby went into the army seven years ago. It has the flexibility to do any strength wash in any temperature. That's what you need. The only thing it doesn't do is super spin, but the advantage is that it doesn't destroy "delicates," even on regular wash. So that's a savings.

The less electrical digital the better.

Baila said...

I have also been told by my repairman that good machines break down as often as cheap ones (in other words they're all junk).

We just bought a mid-price model a couple of months ago. So far, so good.

Anonymous said...

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Michael Sheen said...

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kenwood said...

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