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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tests (Medical Updates)

Last night I had an MRI of my brain, to see how the tumors in my brain responded to the stereotactic radiosurgery that I had three months ago (you can read more about that experience here (1), here(2) , and here (3)).

Tonight, I have an MRI of my right hip, to verify that there is not hairline fracture or anything else that might be causing the pain in my hip and thigh.  Even though an oncological orthopedist (or is he an orthopedic oncologist?) requested the test, the health fund did not agree to cover it.  The health fund wanted me to image the area with a regular CT, but we did that aly  My GP is a miracle man. After three months, he finally got the health fund to approve coverage, just a few hours before my appointment!

I have to make an appointment for an ECHO, to check that my heart is not being damaged from the various chemotherapies.  Hopefully, I will be able to get an appointment for tomorrow, when I have to be at the hospital anyway.  More importantly, I want to schedule the test with the technician who is gentle and never hurts me when she does the test.

In another two weeks (exactly three weeks after my third dose of Doxil, and one week before I am scheduled to receive my fourth dose), I have a full PET scan to see what influence the Doxil and Herceptin are having on my cancer.

In brief, this month is full of tests that will, hopefully, give us an up-to-date picture of what is going on in my body.

Oh, joy.

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


adina said...

Ah - you are in that waiting period between doing the test and getting the results - and right before Rosh HaShana too. You do have a flair for timing!
Thinking only the MOST POSITIVE thoughts and praying for only the Best and Happiest results so that you and your children can continue to start off the new school year on the highest note!
May your biggest issue this year be your children's lunches...

Linda said...

Amen to what Adina said. Praying for good results!

Anonymous said...

Amen again! Praying and hoping for good results

Bernie said...

Wishing you all good results RivkA and sending many hugs....:-)

Mindy said...

I think one of my biggest protests against cancer, is that it takes SO MUCH TIME! May the time be well spent for you this month, friend. I am praying they find your cancer is losing the battle against your treatment and your ambition to conquer the monster.

Anonymous said...

בהצלחה! - מעינת שעוקבת וקוראת ופחות כותבת...

Batya said...

רפואה שלימה
Wow, such timing, both physical and spiritual tests at the same time.

Sarah said...

davening hard for you during this month (and always). And, I know I am just one of a huge number of people also davening for you.

Who is you orthopedic oncologist? The team I see are in the only ones in Israel- in Ichilov hospital. Do you go there, too?

May your tests run smoothly and painlessly, and may the results be the answers to all our prayers.

love you!