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Friday, July 24, 2009

Bald, bald, bald...bald as a ping pong ball, are you bald!

Only whisps of hair were left.

I took a deep breath and let the rest be shaved off.

Now I can rub aloe vera into my scalp and soothe the redness from the radiation.

The buzz cut feels kind of funky.

I encouraged all my kids to rub the top of my head.

I tried to make it fun.

Bald looks better than extreme thinning.

Bald is cool in the summer.

"Now it looks like you have cancer...." said my daughter.

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


G6 said...

That was a great classic record...

So sorry about the situation. You continue to inspire me by what an awesome mother you are.

Sending tefillos and happy healing thoughts.

May Shabbos bring a refuah to all Cholei Yisroel.

Leora said...

"Bald is cool in the summer" - I love how you can find the positive.

Take care. Shabbat Shalom. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Cheryl said...

I've always wanted to shave my head just once for fun--not because I have to--but then I chicken out. I've often wondered if I could make a cancer fund raiser out of it...any suggestions??

How does it look?

RivkA, you're such an inspiration!

Mrs. Who said...

Your heart is so beautiful! Prayers being sent your way.

Robin said...

(Jay and I read that skit aloud at a storytelling evening years ago. I was really surprised at how few people knew it. We have the cd but I keep saying I need to get the movie for my kids.)

I love that you're still looking for the positive, but I wish you didn't have to, that it didn't have to be this way.

Much love.

Julie Evans said...

Dear RivkA with a capital A,

Just wandered across your blog and thought I'd say hello. I, too, am a survivor. Have had a similar journey with the Taxol, which I called Tax-ALL; still dealing with some hangover neuropathy. Am also on Herceptin until December.

Cheers, love, optimism, happy thoughts and prayers for healing,

Baila said...

Hoping you have an excellent week.

Rahel said...

Sending hugs.

RivkA with a capital A said...

G6 & Robin -- I LOVE "Free to Be You and Me" -- as soon as I wrote this post, I KNEW what the title just had to be!! I raised my kids on the book (I would love to get the CD!!)

Leora -- Always!! (at least I try) Thanks!!

Cheryl -- Me 2, me 2!!! Almost every summer, for years, I would think: wouldn't it be cool to shave my head and give my hair a rest? (my hair was already thinning, and I wondered if it might grow in thicker... though I also feared it might grow in thinner). It did not matter, 'cause I also did not have enough courage to go thru with it.

It really is cool, though now it is totally linked to the cancer thing -- so my kids don't want me to walk around with my bald head uncovered when people come over. (I can deal with that)

Shaving your hair could be a GREAT fundraising gimic, but I would have to think it through. Ask me again in September, when I'm done with all my Bar Mitzvah stuff....

How does it look? I feel like the face on the "Little Feet" album! (I wanted to include a link, but I couldn't find the album cover on line!)

If I could get it together, I would post a pic, but that is too high-tech for me!

Mrs. Who -- Thanks! I keep wanting to ask you if your blog ID is a reference to "A Wrinkle in Time" or "Dr. Who"?

Julie Evans -- thanks for sharing!! Hope you'll visit again!

Anonymous said...

RivkA, off topic, but it's completely unacceptable that you haven't sent me a college picture ... everytime I think of you I'm tortured by the fact that I MUST know you but I can't place you! Shavua tov

mother in israel said...

It was fun seeing you and your sister the other day--I'm so glad it worked out. I think I asked my son take a picture of us, but they don't seem to be there. :( Your new wig looks great.

A Soldier's Mother said...

You constantly amaze me - how you can take something and deal with it, for you and for your kids. I'm sorry about your hair - but I'm glad they are doing something and I'm hoping and praying for you. Thanks for keeping us up to date, even though you are so tired. We moved houses and I've been so out of it for the last two weeks and then last night when I went to bed, I thought of you and said, I have to check the blog today and see how you are doing. You are in all our thoughts...even when we don't write.


rickismom said...


zahava said...

"Now it looks like you have cancer...." said my daughter.

As a fellow parent, and as a child, I am sending hugs to both of you!

Your strength, your humor, and your optimism are all contagious! Enjoy the cool and the aloe!

Anonymous said...

Should I send you a lolly pop? Do you get the reference?

SuperRaizy said...

"I encouraged all my kids to rub the top of my head".
A lot of men think that bald women are sexy. Maybe you should encourage your husband as well!

RivkA with a capital A said...

tesyaa -- I am technically challenged. I have no idea how to upload pictures.

mom in Israel -- it was great seeing U 2! thanks for taking the time!! (I have mixed feelings about the wig thing. I haven't worn it since...)

A soldier's mom -- thanks!! yishuv tov!!!

ricki's mom & zahava -- thanks!!

Ariela -- I don't get it! :-(
Please tell me....

Super Raizy -- I don't think my husband is one of those men.... (though he did rub my head when I asked him to!)

Sarah said...

As soon as I saw your title I heard that whole skit in my head. I also *love* that album. i should get the CD; my kids have *never* heard it!!! It's the next thing I'll send with someone who is coming to Israel.

Oh, I wish I could rub your head. ;-)
As long as your eyes have that sparkle in them when you smile, your personality shines through, with hair or without.

Your amazing.

Val said...

I'm sure you look awesome... as you know - beauty comes from within and with that attitude of yours and the amount of love surrounding you - well, ya gotta be GAW-jus!
keeping you in my thoughts and prayers - you are an inspiration.

Engineering Goddess said...

*giggle* Bald as a ping pong ball *bald* is from that skit I was just typing to you about!! Funny how soooo far away we can laugh at the same things. I am so sorry to hear about the latest development. Keep fighting - your spirit is amazing!