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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph is Moshe's favorite musical!

When he drives the kids to school in the morning, he often plays the music in the car.

A always wants to listen to the album. She knows all the words, by heart. Y and MD also love the music, but do not necessarily want to listen to it every day.

Moshe read about the performance at HaBima, in Tel Aviv, and suggested we go with the kids. I agreed; this would be an exciting family outing!

Most performances were sold out; but there were tickets left for the Friday before school starts. We were able to get front row seats! What a perfect way to end our summer vacation!

When we told the kids about it, they were.... well, less than enthusiastic.

"We've been to plays before;" they said, "if it's in Hebrew, what's the point?"

I tried to explain that this was a professional play, that the performance
would be on a different level than what they have seen until now. The kids were happy to go, but skeptical.

On Friday morning, I told the kids to dress up. After all, we were going to the theater. "In Israeli culture," Y protested, "jeans are dressing up." I was mortified. Moshe insisted that her choice of clothes would be fine.

"How do you know?" I asked Moshe. Many years ago, he told me, his grandparents attended the Opera in Tel Aviv, dressed, as was appropriate in New York or Germany, in evening attire. They were the only people dressed in that fashion. People stared, assuming his grandparents must be actors, based on their unusual attire.

To my chagrin, he was right.

The performance was excellent. The singing, dancing, and costumes were wonderful.

"It wasn't really worth it," I teased my kids.

They giggled, realizing how foolish they had been.

Of course, they had their critiques: "They did not sing the songs right," protested A, who expected every nuance to be the same. "The scene with Potifar's wife was obscene." (it was quite provocative). "Why did they lift their dresses up?" asked Y, who did not appreciate the risqué can-can, nor some of the other dance scenes and costumes. (neither did the rest of us)

Yes, this was Tel Aviv theater. So there were more than enough gratuitous exposures.

That said, the choreography was fantastic. The costume and set design were excellent. The performers were talented (in every way: singing, dancing, and acting). Overall, the performance was 100% professional.

We all had a wonderful time, and enjoyed the show immensely!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Anonymous said...

Joseph is Moshe's favorite musical!

Actually, my favorite is Jesus Christ Superstar, but Joseph is a close second. (They're both by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.)

SuperRaizy said...

I saw Joseph years ago on Broadway (when I was 12 years old) and I just loved it. I wish that it was playing again in NY so that I could take my children.
So glad that your family had a good time.

Batya said...

What fun!
I love the theater, but I've been to so few shows in the past decades.

Robin said...

I love Joseph! I was in a USY production in high school, what fun. (Except for the minor detail that I played the baker and got myself executed. Nevermind.)

RivkA with a capital A said...

DH -- oops, I always get that one wrong. oh well, close enough.

SuperRaizy -- DH and I saw a wonderful production 15 years ago, just before we married. It was great to see it again, with our kids!

Muse -- Me 2! We go to many amateur performances in Jerusalem. If you are interested, I organize discount tickets for groups.

I love going to the theatre! I wish I could go to HaBimah more!

Robin -- LOL!!