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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'd Rather Be Camping

All my friends are camping this week!

Some of my friends are camping for the first time! (You know who you are...)

Even Y is camping (with her youth group). MD and A went camping last week (with their youth groups). (Please, don't even get me started about why my kids are in different youth groups!!)

I love camping more than anything else in the whole wide world.

No one will go camping with me.

Well, that's not exactly true.

Several friends offered to go camping together.

But, between my kids' summer schedules and my chemo schedule...

Well, it was impossible to find a time that was good for all the members of my family, much less try to schedule around someone else's family!

I am bummed.

My kids would totally go camping with me. But, these days, I can not do it by myself.

Go figure; I married the only man in the whole wide world who hates camping.

My husband, who I love so much, suffers from the heat. He really suffers. He needs air-conditioning. And he has a strong prefrence for in-door plumbing (and private showers).

I could camp out for a month, no problem!

(The summer before my Aliyah, I went camping with my brother. We spent a week in California's beautiful parks, with no shower. We swam in a sparkly river, but, apparently, that only does so much. At the end of the week, we arrived at my friend's home, in Berkley. Only after I greeted my friend with a huge bear hug, did I realize how much I must STINK!)

I love being cut off from the rest of the world!

When I go camping, I do not bring anything electric with me! (OK, maybe my cell phone....)

(Oh, and there was that time that my son stepped on a burning coal that had spilled out of a defective coal bin. We did purchase one of those pseudo Tetris toys, to help distract him from the pain.)

Last Pesach, my parents came to visit and I figured they would go camping with me. After all, they are the ones who raised me to love camping so much! No go.

I even tried playing the cancer-card. Would you believe that I got no sympathy?

No one would go camping with me.

My parents claimed they are too old to go camping.

Who are they kidding? My dad could run circles around me, even before I got cancer!

But, who am I to judge them?

Not so long ago, given the choice between camping and staying in a 5 star hotel, I would choose camping. No contest.

These days... well... a soft, fluffy bed, and air-conditioning doesn't sound so bad...

Still, I'd rather be camping.

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


A Living Nadneyda said...

If I can just convince That Guy I Married to eat supper outdoors, it's a major accomplishment (he hates the insects).

On one point I really must side with your husband -- indoor flush toilets are, well, better than pretty much all other options.

Leora said...

RivkA, I'll go camping with you! The easy part would be mustering up a ton of airfare for me to fly over to Israel for a few days. Then I would need someone to watch my kids, then I would need wireless so I could work remotely, we would need to do it in between your chemo (or maybe we could just camp out behind the hospital?).

My husband doesn't like sleeping outside. At least he likes hiking. Maybe, maybe, maybe we'll get to do some more of that at some point.

Hope you can find some compromise outdoor fun.

Unknown said...

Your husband, and my wife, are, apparently kindred spirits. She too hates the heat.
I, on the other hand, love the great outdoors.
Go figure.

Miriam said...

I'll go camping with you! My dh doesn't like to camp, either. Perhaps we can leave them together to fend for themselves. :)

Baila said...

They all stole my idea. My husband likes camping and I'm suddenly becoming a fan because my everyone here does it. (My friends in the states think I really changed).

But even if my husband likes camping, we should do a women's camping. So fun!

But I must go to to a place that has bathrooms. I used to do the going-behind-a-tree thing, but I'm really more into flushing these days....

What do you say?

Anonymous said...

When we spent 3 years in the states we went camping all the time and I agree better then a 5 star hotel. There is nothing funner. We do go camping in Israel and it is a totally different experience. Crowded, dirty and the other campers do not have good camping etiquette or any camping etiquette. We camped on Hof Habonim last week and it was fun, and relatively clean and pleasant. I'll do that with you. When do you want to go?

Gila said...

Count me in for the girl's night out in the woods!

Seriously, I realize that it is a bit easier for me than for everyone else (no kiddies) but is this something that might be doable?

Rahel Jaskow said...

Count me in, too!

Sarah said...

I think we should get all these husbands together- add mine. Allergic to the heat, doesn't like 'roughing it'. Our husbands would have a blast together, and so would we! Nu, how 'bout it?

Anonymous said...

RivkA: I love being cut off from the rest of the world!

Um... aren't we talking about Israeli campsites here?

Where it's so overly crowded with rude, loud, obnoxious Israelis that if you stretch you'll accidentally poke one of them in the side? Those places are about as private as an overpopulated trailer park, but without the trailers...

"Cut off from the rest of the world"? You've got to be kidding. Sorry, but I'll take my bedroom any day over an Israeli campsite. Where there are no crowds of strange people practically on top of me...

RivkA with a capital A said...

You all are great!! We are definitely going camping together next summer!!

"Dear [ALN & Baila], Nobody ever said that I was unreasonable." I am willing to go to a campsite with toilets.

(challenge: can you place the quote?)

Leora -- just make Aliyah! (You know you want to!) Then you can bring your kids camping with us, and leave your husband behind with all the others!

quietusleo -- we're not sexist, you can go camping with us.

Miriam -- next summer!

Anon -- I also miss camping in America. It is a completely different experience! Glad to know that Hof Habonim is a (relatively) good campsite. Where is it? (I'll go with you, if you tell me who you are!)

Gila -- definitely doable. I'm psyched just reading all these comments.

skash35 -- all right! (but you have to reveal your secret identity)

Rahel -- you're in!

You Know Who -- Yeah, it's true. The campsites here can be a bit overcrowded. It still feels like getting away to me.

(except for that one time, when a giant group invaded the campsite and started listening to really loud music at 1:00 in the morning! But that really was unusual!!)

So, stay home. Next year, I am going camping with all these fabulous women!

Anonymous said...

about the outdoor toilet - non-flush, none of you were ever at Kibbutz Lotan?? (and I believe there are other places) where they have compost toilets - at Lotan the toilet is in the middle of their organic garden, so forgive me if this turns you off, but you're really contributing to the ecology!!!!Now that's what camping is to me, being very ecological!!!

I've got a 4 x 4, carries 7 passengers, and I NEED a women's down to earth group - and I don't care if you stink!!!! just hope I can share my food!!!! so let me know when!!!!

(the other alternative is I can send you my husband - he loves camping)


Anonymous said...

Late poster, but I will come with my girls...hubby can't stand camping, and I love it! (Especially in a country where you don't have to worry about random rainshowers)

RivkA with a capital A said...

Safranit -- no worries -- You are early! We're going *next* summer!