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Thursday, November 25, 2010


This coming Monday (22 Kislev / 29 Nov.) marks Rivka's shloshim (thirtieth day since burial). Rivka's family and friends will be visiting her grave that morning at 10:00 am, to recite Tehillim (Psalms) and Kaddish. All who wish to attend are welcome.


The Tehillim and prayers that will be recited can be found here.

Rivka's grave is at the following location in Har HaMenuhot:
גוש צ', חלקה ק"א, שורה ב', קבר 1
(block צ', plot ק"א, row ב', grave 1)
[Note, however, that we will gather first by the gate at the entrance.]

If you are planning on attending, please leave a comment in order to help us ensure that there will be a minyan present.

May RivkA's family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Please daven (or send happy thoughts) for RivkA bat Yishaya HaLevi.


Abe said...

baruch dayan ha emet.

Marion said...

I can't make it, but I'll be thinking of everyone.

Sarah said...

Could someone who was at the shloshim please let us know how it went?

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers for RivkA's family and friends. She was a trememdous friend and supporter of Jenni's (Jenni Ballantyne, "The Comfy Place") while Jenni was ill and in pain. Jen passed away just over a year ago now and RivkA has been in our thoughts many times since. Thank you and may God be with you all.


David Ballantyne

Kate said...

I found you from Around the Island. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone is still reading here. I need badly to find the wonderful person who'd helped RivkA make order in her bedroom. She spoke to me about it but I didn't get the name. I have a friend who desparately wants help. Does anyone know who it is??

Klara - 534-5103

Rivki said...

I miss you so much!!!!!!!!

custom fortune cookies said...

Oh. I reached here from Juggling frogs and I was really shocked hearing about RivkA. My sympathies are with the family.

Lady-Light said...

I still am in shock, and can't believe that RivkA is gone...

Margalit said...



Vivo en la Argentina, soy iehudia, esto me hace hermana de Rivka.... siento su pérdida y sé que su mishpaja debe estar sintiéndose peor... Pero me queda el sabor agridulce de su lucha y testimonio optimista hasta el final.
JAZAK para todos, en especial para sus seres amados....
Que podamos tomar aprendizaje de cómo servir a Boreh Olam pese a todo y con todo.

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