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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A New G'mach - In Memory of RivkA

The following initiative is being launched by RivkA's friends, with the blessing of RivkA's family.

Dear All,

We want to tell you about an amazing Tzedakah/Charity opportunity we are launching in RivkA's memory: A Breastmilk Pump Lending Service (Gemach) to serve the women of Jerusalem and region with top-of-the-range, new pumps.

The idea for the Gemach came from RivkA’s friend Noa Hirsch-Choritz, a certified lactation consultant, during the funeral while Moshe recounted the story of RivkA breastfeeding her youngest daughter while hospitalized. It suddenly became clear how we could honor RivkA's memory with something she was truly passionate about. While there are various pumps available for hire, no service currently exists in Jerusalem offering modern, high-quality pumps (the kind that lactation consultants recommend to patients). This was something that RivkA- a staunch breastfeeding advocate, educator and La Leche Leader- wished to change.

And so, the Gemach idea has taken shape. "Meneket RivkA", (the name chosen for its biblical reference, meaning "Rivka's Wet-nurse") will be initially housed in the Jerusalem Breastfeeding Center in Talpiot, with a satellite branch in Gush Etzion. Uniquely, lactation consultants will provide free professional consultations, “fittings” and advice for each woman renting the pumps, which will be loaned at a nominal charge based on models provided by other successful pump gemachs around the country.

We hope to raise enough money to purchase up to 20 pumps, incorporating several models. We've built an initial budget and have plans for strategic growth together with The Eden Center, the mikva/women's center project which RivkA wholeheartedly supported.

It is envisaged that Meneket RivkA is developed over time into a full-service breastfeeding center, providing subsidized lactation consultations, La Leche League support groups, pre-birth breastfeeding classes and of course, low-cost/free breastmilk pump rental.

We truly believe that this project is really in consonant with RivkA's thoughts- she believed that breastfeeding knowledge and skills should be available to everyone, without pay (as is La Leche League's directives). We think this would make her really happy. We are overjoyed to have received the blessing of her family in creating this project, and we hope that all those who shared her vision, or who wish to honor her memory, will consider supporting us. No donation is too small to realize this dream.

To read more about the project or to make a donation- please visit www.meneketrivka.org or email meneketrivka@gmail.com

Or, you can donate directly here:

UPDATE: Tax-free donations can now be made to Meneket Rivka via the Eden Center on "Israel Gives"

May RivkA's family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Please daven (or send happy thoughts) for the memory of RivkA bat Yishaya HaLevi.

With love and optimism, RivkA's family


Laura said...

such a beautiful memorial project...baruch haShem....may Rivka's name forever be a blessing.

Laura said...

ps...I just sent this link to my rabbi as a bar/bat mitzvah MITZVAH PROJECT idea...I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea. Kol HaKavod!

Anonymous said...

It was moving to see your writing this in yesterday's Jerusalem Post http://www.jpost.com/Magazine/PersonalNotes/Article.aspx?id=193970

and it's a great project - may her memory continue to always be a blessing


michele said...

What a special way to continue RivkA's work in this area and to honor her memory.

Daniel Tarlow said...

The link to the new website is not working just to let you know. feel free to remove this message

Adina said...

It's amazing how quickly the website and this wonderful charity have been set up, a perfect, lasting tribute to RivkA's loving, warm and intensely committed life. I'm sure you'll get all the money you need in no time. As soon as the donation page is up, I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Adina, The page is up if you'd like to donate via pay pal or by mailing a check. We should tax-deductible status this week if you'd prefer to wait to donate online that way.
Tizki L'mitzvot

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Tax Deductible Status for donations, now available.

Please see the updated blog post towards the bottom.

brenda said...

I have recently stumbled upon this blog and am saddened to hear of the loss of such an inspirational woman.
I have recently become a Medela Maven (another breastfeeding advocate) and would like to ask permission from RivkA's family and friends to publicize this charitable gemach service on other public forums where there may be a larger (non-Jewish/religous) audience.

May RivkA's family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Survivor said...

Daf Yomi in Pittsburgh is being sponsored for the month of Kislev in memory of RivKa!

May she be a Malitz Yosher and may her family know no more suffering.

Nofia Vered Shem-Tov said...

Hi all. I am a breastfeeding counselor who learned in Batya Davis's first class in 2006-2007. I recently volunteered to help mothers from Efrat, the organization that works to educate women about abortions. They give out tons of formula every year and are now working to change that. If anyone else, especially in the center of Israel, would be willing also to help mothers, please please contact me. Also, I am looking for someone who can get a mom a Medela pumping kit - you know, the part that connects to the pump and can be used as a hand pump.

If you can help in any way please call me at 077-454-6899. Efrat's moms are among the poorest in Israel and need our help because their children are in the highest risk group for illness. Breastfeeding can change their entire quality of life for these infants who from the beginning almost didn't make it into the world!

Nofia Vered