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Sunday, August 17, 2008

All's Well that Ends Well -- The Israel Museum

Wednesday morning, everyone was excited about going to the Israel Museum!

We had a family appointment at 9:00 in the morning, guaranteeing we would actually get out of the house, on time (more or less).

Just as we were leaving, I remembered to bring our water bottles. We scurried to get the water, and arrived a little late to our appointment. Even so, I made sure we ended on time. On our way out, I called my friend to let her know we were on our way. I was proud that I managed to be on time, for a change!

Unfortunately, my friend was not ready. Aack! Now what to do?

Usually, it is my friend who is waiting for me!

I needed to figure out what to do with my kids, fast, preferably before they started bickering out of boredom.

Y suggested we go to the mall, and pick up her pictures.

Going to the mall actually made sense -- it was close, air-conditioned, and contained activities that could be adjusted to fit a short or long wait.

We went straight to the photo shop, only do discover that, out of three rolls of film, two and a half rolls did not come out. Y was majorly disappointed.

"Let's go get calendars!" I suggested, with an overabundance of good cheer.

We managed to find calendars for both Y and MD (A had already received a really cool calendar for her birthday), when my friend called to tell us she was on her way.

A was disappointed that she did not get anything at the mall. Life is rough.

Now I had two dissatisfifed kids. (one more to go...)

The day had barely begun...

We met our friends at the Israel museum.

At the entrance, a volunteer, who I know from the pool, recommended taking the guided tours of the Shrine of the Book and the "real time" exhibit . My friend felt those tours would not be appropriate for her kids. I knew that my kids would be interested, but it was more important for us to be together. (I figured we could go back another time, but the "real time" exhibit closed on Friday)

So, we went directly to the children's exhibit, only to discover that there was no children's exhibit!

The museum is being renovated, and selections of the main exhibits were on display in the children's wing.

We had planned on spending the hottest part of the day inside the air-conditioned children's wing. Afterwards, we would eat lunch. Then, later in the afternoon, when it is cooler, we would visit the model of second Temple Jerusalem and do an activity in the statue garden.

We viewed a small part of the exhibit, then determined that we needed a new plan.

We went to view the model, but the kids were not interested. It was too hot.

When all else fails... eat lunch!

Y suggested we picnic in a small grove, by the "blue trees," where there are several benches. It was a great spot, with plenty of shade!

After lunch, my friend introduced our activity: to choose something interesting, and draw it. We had brought paper, pencils, erasors, sharpeners, and even books to lean on. My friend suggested that anyone, who was willing, could brave the heat and visit the statue garden. All the kids were excited to draw, and several of the kids actually wandered off, despite the heat.

A went off, drew a rough sketch, then returned to the shady area to draw her picture. As she was setting up her drawing space, A tripped over the base of a stone bench. She flew up in the air, then landed, hard, on her left side. Seeing her fall, and hearing her scream, jolted me out of my seat. I ran over to comfort her, and make sure that nothing was broken. She could move her fingers and joints, but she was in pain.

My friend went to get ice, with no success. When A calmed down a bit, I went to try to find ice. I was directed to the security workers, who said they would send a first aid medic. I emphatically requested that the medic bring ice. Then I went back, to wait with my daughter.

By now, all the kids had returned with their drawings. Y, MD and N, all drew the white dome of the Shrine of the Book, yet their pictures differed in style and detail. Both A and IS drew the two geometric kids, who symbolize the museum, but from different perspectives. YE drew one of the geometric statues, quite accurately. H drew a surprisingly detailed picture of a crane, towering over a clump of trees and a stone wall. It was very fascinating to see the different manifestations of the same assignment.

We wanted to go to the Shrine of the Book, but we were stuck, waiting for the medic.

I jumped up and introduced "charades" to the kids. I started off, with what I thought would be an easy example (I was mistaken). We all laughed a lot. The fun had begun!

Each kid enthusiastically took a turn. We did not want to stop when the medic arrived... without ice!

The medic cleaned A's wounds, and another staff member went to find ice.

We continued to play, until ice arrived, and everyone had a turn.

Then we went to the Shrine of the Book, and had a few minutes to view the Isaiah scroll (click here for a cool view of the scroll) and the Aleppo Codex, before the guard abruptly rushed everyone out.

As we left the museum, the kids were chattering excitedly, eager to share one last thought or idea.

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,

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