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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Die Fledermaus

Motza"sh is Opera Night. (and you thought it was just Star Trek night!)

My mother, who loves opera, watches the opera on TV every Motza"sh.

I will admit that I do enjoy certain operas. However, some of them just sound like a lot of noise.

I kept waiting for one of the operas I like to be on TV. It finally happened this motza"sh.

Some background: When I was growing up, every New Year's Eve, our family would watch Kiss Me Kate and Die Fledermaus on TV. Even when I got older, and would babysit on New Year's Eve, I always watched these two classics.

Until I moved to Israel, where January first is just another day on the calendar, I missed watching those shows on New Year's Eve.

So, I was very excited about the prospect of watching Die Fledermaus now. It brings back my childhood....

But this opera, on Israeli TV, was produced in France and performed in German... no English, not even subtitles. Bummer!

I am going to have to get a copy either with the dialogue/singing in English, or a version that at least has English subtitles. Anyone out there have this opera on DVD? (didn't think so)

Clearly, I am not serious enough to watch it in a foreing language.

It's such a fun opera -- I dont' want to work hard to understand it, I just want to sit back and enjoy.

If I ever do get a copy, you are all invited to come watch.

When? New Year's Eve, of course!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,

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Yedida said...

If anyone's interested, I found this line by line translation: http://www.aria-database.com/translations/fledermaus.txt

You can read a good plot summary here: