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Thursday, June 5, 2008

No More Room on Our Bookshelves!!

My husband and I both have a serious illness.

My name is Rivka and I am a bookaholic.

I do not allow myself to go to bookstores anymore. It is too dangerous. I cannot leave without a book.

The pile of books next to my bed became unmanageable! So, two weeks ago, I moved all the books to the coffee table in our living room. (they are still there)

Mysteriously, a new pile has already formed.

We need to build more bookshelves! (but who has the time....)

This week is Shavua HaSefer (National Book Week). In the plaza of the former Jerusalem train station, all major and minor publishers have set up stands where books are sold at discount prices. (I suspect that some publishers raise the base price before the sale begins...)

Last year, Moshe and I went together, and exhibitted tremendous self restraint; though Moshe did go back a second night. (see post)

This year, Moshe was determined to go several times to Shavua HaSefer, so he would have enough time to browse. He was like a little boy, trying to figure out when he could go to the candy shop! He has been twice already!

Tonight, we went together (Moshe's third visit).

I was tired, but I am glad I went. It was nice to walk around together.

We looked at books, discussed all sorts of interesting topics, and, once again, exhibited extraordinary self-discipline.

But I am not patting us on the back yet....

We might go again on Saturday night!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Leora said...

Shavua HaSefer sounds fun.

Yeah, I can relate to the bookaholic thing. I found it's easy to give children's books away, but harder to give away the adult books, and we have an attic of boxes of books.

I know someone who seriously bought a larger house just to have more room for his books. And others who you can't sit on their couch because it's covered with books.

Anonymous said...

Definitely go again! I went the other night, determined not to buy anything this year except a coffee.

Someone else bought the coffee, and I came back with 3 fantastic books: All in all, not bad!

Batya said...

We have too many books. Very few are mine. I've been giving away "light reading" books and take books from friends to read and give away.

When I was a kid, we had few books and borrowed books from the library. It was a problem when I could easily read a book a day, and the library was a mile's walk from home...