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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chemo Day -- Sunday is Tuesday

This week, Sunday was Tuesday.

(Remember the classic Carvel ice cream commercial: Wednesday is Sunday?)

So, why the switch to chemo on Sunday?

Friends of ours, JS & MM, just had a baby boy. The brit was Tuesday and I didn't want to miss it! (Their daughter, H, is one of my swimming students, JS is in my book club, and I've known MM pretty much since I made Aliyah, and JS since she did)

At first, my doctor didn't want me to move chemo to Sunday. He was worried about my blood counts and suggested that I move my chemo-day to Thursday. But if I moved chemo to Thursday then I would be a zombie on Purim, which would be a total bummer! (I planned to dress up as something much more fun!)

I haven't had a problem with blood counts yet, so I asked my doctor to let me try for Sunday. He agreed. YAY!

What a gift!!!

Not only were my blood counts fine, but there were added advantages that I hadn't even realized.

True, I was REALLY TIRED on Monday. I had to really push myself to teach swimming. Thank God, the lessons were great! So I felt better after than before! I came home, had dinner with my family, and even managed to go out to a community event for women. (Then I came home and collapsed! No wonder I didn't post that night...)

I was REALLY TIRED on Tuesday too. After the brit, I came home and collapsed! I slept for FOUR hours solid! I pulled myself out of my slumber to take care of my kids for a few hours. Then I fell back asleep. I woke again, had dinner with my kids, then headed off to bed. STOP! GO BACK! Can't go to bed before helping the kids put together Mishloah Manot (typically, gift baskets filled with candy and junk-food) for school -- Everyone brings one, then they draw lots and give away Mishloach Manot to one kid and get Mishloach Manot from another. Y was still putting the finishing touches on her Mishloah Manot, when I had to go lie down. As soon as I gave my kids what they needed, I fell into bed. I was already drifting off to sleep when, one by one, the kids came in to check that I would be available to help in the morning. Every year, I wake up early to help the kids get in their costumes. When Y came in, she asked for the Purim make-up, so that she could do the make-up for herself and her sister. What an angel!! I made sure that she knew it was OK to wake me if they need me.

They didn't. But I woke up anyway and got to see everyone in all their glory. A was an angel, all dressed in white, with wings and a crown of white and silver. MD was an alien Shabak (secret service) agent. Y also got dressed up this year. She chose to be Jasmine (from Disney's Aladdin movie), dressed in turquoise, replete with satiny turquoise harem pants and headband. (and a much more modest top). They all looked great! I got to take pictures of A, but then Moshe herded the kids out. They had to go right away, or they would get stuck in the Homat Shmuel morning back-up (the only time of the day that there is traffic getting out of the neighborhood). So I wasn't able to get pictures of Y & MD. I'll get them on Purim!

I was still tired on Wednesday (today), but not as tired as before. I looked forward to a short, early-afternoon nap to boost my energy, but I lost the nap, due to a mix-up that was really a carry-over from the night before. The kids had told me that school was finishing early today, but I was so tired that the information didn't register. Well, I spent my nap-time trying to make sure that everyone got home all right. They did, but it took about an hour to work out all the kinks. Oh well.

Parental Pride Moment: Y was acutely aware that I was missing my nap trying to arrange for her to get home and still spend the afternoon with her friend. She thanked me for all my efforts and for giving up my nap for her. Wow! Who needs a nap when you have kids like that?!

Anyway, the bottom line is that even though I was so tired all week, I will have energy for Purim!!

What a bonus!!

I really love Purim! (I know, I say that about every holiday, but it's true!!)

I love getting dressed up! I love seeing everyone's costumes! (especially the clever, self-made ones) And I love the festive spirit that pervades EVERYWHERE!! There are costumed kids walking along the streets, riding the buses, and playing in the parks! There are costumed grown-ups working at their jobs and walking along the streets! There is so much candy that I just give up and let my kids bounce off the walls! This is the quintessential kids' holiday! And I love it!! (OK, I admit it. I'm just a kid walking around in a grown-up body. See, I'm in costume every day and no one knows it!)

Anyway, if it weren't for the brit, and my desire not to miss out on a simcha, I wouldn't have moved chemo, and I would be tired for all of Purim.

Now, since I had chemo on Sunday, I should be OK by Thursday night and fine for Shabbat and Sunday.

For all you non-Jerusalemites: this year Shushan Purim falls on Shabbat which creates this funky concept called "Purim Meshulash" which spreads the Purim celebrations out for THREE days! Add to this that Israelis start celebrating Purim two days early, and we end up celebrating Purim for almost a week! Yet another good reason to move to Israel!

This Purim, for the second year running, I am organizing a women's Megillah reading in Homat Shmuel. I had hoped to read also, but I am still hoarse, so I don't think I'm going to be reading this year. (This will be the first or second time that I haven't read in 20years! I can't remember now if I managed to read the year I got cancer.) It's a real bummer to have this sore throat thing. Anyway, even though it's good for women from my neighborhood to see someone "local" reading, we are so lucky to have my friend TS read -- she is really an awesome ba'alat korei (reader), very exacting in both nikud (punctuation) and trop (musical notations) and she does voices as well. It doesn't get better than that!

Purim Sameach!!!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Risa Tzohar said...

Purim Sameach RivkA!
I really enjoy reading your blog. Your optimism is catching. May you enjoy lots of ora, sasson and simcha!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your long update. I could hear your voice and speaking style as I read.

Gila said...

Have a fantastic Purim. I have mentioned this before, but you really have an amazing family....

Gila said...

Oh---and it is quite refreshing to see how much you are aware of it, and how much you appreciate them.

If I ever get married and have a family, I want to see married and family life as you do.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Risa -- keyn ti'hyeh lanu!

Ilana -- which Ilana R U???

Gila -- mention it as often as you like! It makes a mom proud....

Love to all!