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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Knock Out

I am totally wiped out!

We have this crazy week this week and everyone is sick.

Moshe is so sick that he could not drive the kids to school this morning.

Even though I had a bad night, I was in better shape than he was. I managed to dragged myself out of bed and get the kids to school.

Once I was in the car anyway, I drove myself to the walk-in clinic. My GP was on call this morning. After a relatively quick "once over" he informed me that my lungs are clear (thank God) and put me on antibiotics to combat my sinus infection. I am also back on the strong anti-reflux medicine.

I came home and CRASHED!

I slept for another two hours, and then dragged myself out of bed once again, this time to go to my weekly shiur (Torah study class), which I LOVE and try my best not to miss.

I am grateful to one of the amazing women from the shiur, who has been driving me to and from shiur for several weeks already. Each week, it is a blessing not to have to drive myself. If it were not for her, there is no way I would have made it today!

I really enjoyed shiur today, but I fell asleep during the last 15 minutes. I just could not keep my eyes open.

I came home and crashed again!

I did not wake up until it was time to go to parent-teacher meetings.

Moshe was so sick, I went by myself. I feel so bad for him. Despite having got the flu shot, I think he has the flu.

We always go to parent-teacher meetings together. I rely on him to remember what the teachers say! It was strange being on my own. I wrote down everything, so I could share with him (and my daughter) what the teachers said.

After the parent-teacher meetings, I went to an azkarah (memoria) service marking 10 years since my friend's husband died in a terrible car accident. The program included a lecture about living life to the fullest (because we never know how much time we have). It was a bit of a surrealistic experience.

I was so tired afterwards, but I still did not go home. Instead, I drove to the all night pharmacy to get my antibiotics.

This morning, the pharmacy had been closed and I went home thinking I had what I needed. I had the right antibiotics, but the wrong dosage. The doctor said I could take it in the morning and fill the prescription by the evening. Had I been more lucid during the day, I could have had Moshe fill the prescription when he took himself and my daughter to the doctor. But I was too out of it. So, I did the responsible thing and went to fill the prescription myself.

Luckily, there is not much traffic late at night.

And now, for the third time today, I am going to crash into bed.

I feel like all I did today was sleep! And I am still so TIRED!!

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Melissa said...


I am so sorry to hear how sick you all are. Please get lots of rest and know that you and your family are in my prayers.

Thank you for tagging me. I can't wait to play. I promise I will soon, as soon as I get caught up.

Thinking healing thoughts for you all.

Love Melissa

Sarah said...

It is the worst when the spouse we depend on gets sick. It's like a fear that sets in that the kids won't get what they need, and the pillar/ anchor of strength needs to exit stage left for a while. And sleeping all day, BTDT, and it is also a not great feeling. But, it is what it is, and it'll pass. Moshe and the kids will get better, and you will get over the sinus infection and get strength back. B'Ezrat Hashem. My 'hafrashat challah' blesses you every Thursday, rain or shine. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hmm... you did nothing all day but drive the kids to school, go to the dr., go the pharmacy, go to a shiur, go to PTA meetings, go to an azkara. Sounds exhausting to me and you did all that when you were feeling lousy! You are an inspiration. Hope you get the rest you need and are feeling better soon.

rickismom said...

Hope you feel better today!

Safranit said...

I guess we'll hold off for another week or two before we discuss knitting...

refuah shleima...and may your kids avoid this!!!

Batya said...

refuah shleimah to all of you!

I don't know where you get your energy.

A Soldier's Mother said...

there's definitely something going around. Lazer's been sick for the last 5 days...I'm just hoping it stays somewhat contained and the rest of us don't get it....hope you all feel better soon!!