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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where R U??

"So," said today's chemo date, "where should I meet you?"

"On the 7th floor. Are you there already?" I ask, still at least 20 minutes away from the hospital.

"I got here early and I'm in the lobby, should I wait for you here?" she responded cheerfully.

"You could, but I might not come into the hospital from that floor," I answer, wondering where it's best for her to wait. "There is a waiting area in the entrance to the oncology ward," I inform her.

"I'll go up and wait for you there," she says decisively.

A few minutes later, my phone rings again.

"Where did you say to go?" asks my friend, sounding confused.

"To the seventh floor -- the oncology day ward" I repeat.

"I'm on the seventh floor and I can't seem to find it," says my friend, still sounding cheerfull, and a bit lost, "maybe I went up the wrong elevators?"

"Are you by the clinics?" I ask, trying to remember if the floors go up that high in that section of the hospital.

"I'm definitely not by the clinics." She answers definitively.

"Then you have to be in the right place," I answer, confused.

"I don't see any signs that say oncology," she says, "I must be in the wrong place."

"The signs should be right opposite the elevators," I say, wondering how it's possible not to see them. "Ask someone who works there," I advise, in an attempt to help my friend.

"I must be in the wrong place," she repeats....

There is a pause, and then it occurs to me....

"You are in Sha'are Tzedek?" I ask, hoping the question is rhetorical.

"Well, that explains it," says my friend laughing, "I'm in Ein Karem."

"Not to worry," she continues,"I'll hop on another bus and meet you soon."

"OK," I say, not sure what else to do, but feeling a bit guilty over the mix-up.

A few minutes later, my phone rings again.

"Do me a favor..." my friend asks sheepishly.

"Sure, what can I do for you?" I answer, eager to do something.

"Please don't write about this on your blog."

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


RivkA with a capital A said...

ps. in the end, she agreed that this is a good story and that I can post it... anonymously.


HolyCityPrayer said...