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Monday, November 19, 2007

Chills - part II (and Imago)

I'm feeling much better, thanks -- but not quite yet 100%.

Last Wednesday, after sleeping in all morning and early afternoon, I felt quite better by mid-afternoon.

So Moshe and I went out, as planned, to the first session of the Imago Couples Workshop at Ma'agan. We were five couples altogether. Most of the couples were young, like us. I knew one of the couples (the wife was in the Art of Living Course with me; she told me about the Imago workshop), but Moshe hadn't met either of them before. Everyone seemed nice, but a bit reserved. The instructors were very warm and welcoming; both are also cancer survivors.

The first questions we were asked is: what makes us happy/enjoy life?

I was surprised at my immediate response: analyzing TV shows with Moshe. After that, of course, is camping - which is my all-time favorite activity. And then there is: water -- teaching, swimming, and just being in the water.

I was equally surprised by Moshe's response: the act of creating; of building something, and building it well. Like what he does at work (programming); and what he does when he prepares a d'var Torah. He added that he also really enjoys analyzing shows with me. (but not camping)

Afterwards, we played a name-game: we stood in a circle and tossed a balloon to another person, saying that person's name aloud. By the end, we were all laughing, and we all knew everyone's name. It was fun.

Then we did a number of excersizes about communication. It was a pleasant experience. Both Moshe and I left feeling close to each other, and also to the group. I look forward to our next meeting.

At home, I stayed up a bit longer doing this and that. Until, quite suddendly, I felt terribly cold and went straight to bed with the chills. Despite the piles of blankets, I could not get warm.

In the morning, I went to the doctor again. This morning, I still had a fever. The doctor on call took a blood test, told me he would confer with my regular GP and also with the oncologist, and then he or my regular doctor would get back to me.

By the time my doctor called back, I had a high fever (40+) and couldn't even talk on the phone.
Now, when I am too sick to talk on the phone, then I am really sick!

The doctor called Moshe, and Moshe picked up a prescription for the super-duper anti-biotics.

Well, four days later, I don't know what is knocking me out: the chemo, the cold, or the anti-biotics.

My fever is down, I feel much better, but I am still weak and exhausted.

I had to cancel swimming lessons, which is always disappointing. I really love "my" kids, and I miss them. But I am still too tired to teach.

And tomorrow is chemo day....

Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

With love and optimism,


Anonymous said...

youve had quite a wk! hope you feel all better soon and that chemo goes well. praying for you all the best faith

Tania Hershman said...

Gosh, RivkA, feel better. The fever sounds horrible. Thanks so much for the wonderful Tupperware party, you were amazing! Wishing you refua shlema, and a better week this week.


Ilana said...

Refu'ah Shleima!

mother in israel said...

I hope you are back to yourself soon. THInking of you.